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Step right into the vibrant world of the Axstane Players! We're thrilled to have you explore our little corner of amateur dramatic magic here in Farningham, Kent. Since our opening act in 1967, we've been painting the town with three incredible productions each year, embracing everything from Pantomimes, Music Halls, Plays, Musical Revues, and Variety Shows.

Our stage isn't the only place buzzing with excitement—our social calendar is a whirlwind of joy! Picture festive Christmas Parties, sparkling New Year's Eve bashes, lazy Beach Parties, sizzling BBQs, and spirited Cricket Matches. We're not just a drama group; we're a lively, close-knit community!

Whether your heart beats for performing under the lights or weaving the behind-the-scenes magic, we're always on the lookout for fresh faces and talents to join our ensemble. Take a stroll through our website to catch a glimpse of our past productions, our upcoming plans, and the wonderful folks who make it all happen. If the stage beckons or if you're eager to be part of the backstage buzz, get in touch!

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We can't wait to welcome you into our vibrant world of storytelling and camaraderie!


Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you on more details on how to become a member, and when up-coming rehearsals are!

Click here to view the New Member Induction document to gain an idea of what roles and responsibilities are in the group!

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Alice in Wonderland - 2020


"Pantomimers entranced a full hall of all ages at the matinee on February 1 as they saw Alice tumble headlong through the long windswept tunnel of the White Rabbit into the glorious Wonderland of the rival Queens of Hearts and Spades. With fantastic costumes, zany behaviour and absurd reversals of everyday expectations even the youngest in the audience was transfixed with delight and engaged by the traditional strategies of audience participation. Great fun was had by all, thanks to the excellent work of the cast and production team."





Is the Chairperson for the group, and the person to go to for any issues.

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